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Author: Joseph Clay

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Joseph Clay was born in Newnan, the county seat of Coweta County, Georgia, a small town south of Atlanta, on April 28, 1960. Joseph is the second son―but also the oldest as his older sibling died only months after being born―of John Tillman Clay and Virginia Imajo Coalson Clay.

Joseph began his professional career, not as a writer but an engineer in 1982. He worked in this field until his retirement in 2014.

In 2009 for therapeutic reasons Joseph began to dabble in writing. He began his journey by starting a WordPress blog titled Mind Over Matter – My Mind is the Only One That Matters. He covered controversial current events, along with three things you never discuss in a crowded room: sex, religion, and politics. Joseph’s blog was geared toward the middle-class man and his struggles, as he was in the same boat. Joseph penned his first piece of flash fiction/poetry titled Will Never be Able… in 2010 and posted it to his blog. The story was loved by many and hated by twice as many due to its content and underlying message.

Joseph decided in 2012 to take writing a step further and write a novel while on vacation and over weekends. Toward the end of that year he finished West on the East – Noon Judgment. The rejection letters he received along with the advice in those letters made him have second thoughts about publishing a book.

In 2013 he began implementing some of the advice he had received. The first step to shut down Mind Over Matter – My Mind is the Only One That Matters due to its content, the subject material it covered, and its strong views. By the end of the year he written two flash fiction pieces. ‘Memories, and ‘Night of Dreams’. 2013 was also the year Joseph took the advice of one of the publishers and started writing a story under 50,000 words.

2014 was Joseph’s break-out year, so to speak. He retired from engineering and completed the story he had started in 2013, Demons of the Jungle. He published it in eBook format, May 24, 2014.

Joseph spent 2015 adjusting to retirement and writing. When 2016 rolled around he released Demons of the Jungle in paperback. Later in October he released his second novel Witch’s Dilemma in paperback and followed that up with the eBook format in early 2017. Joseph began writing the Music Monday Features for Live Laugh Love Nashville in March of 2017.

Joseph and his family reside in Nashville, Tennessee.